10:15 God Cleans Me Well : WemmyMo

 Artist WemmyMo from Uptown Chicago can do no wrong.  Coming from his first album Bittersweet which dropped in 2018, he has done nothing but excel in his music career.  During an interview with Lyrical Lemonade, WemmyMo explains the title of his 2018 album stemmed from dealing with traumatic situations during his high school career; from lost relationships to being by his close friend’s side when he was a victim of gun violence.  This album was the one that grabbed Chicago’s attention as it made Top 50 Chicago Projects.

While listening to his newly released album, 10:15, I was quickly intrigued by the intro and its purpose.  It was a great way to introduce the album as he sampled popular songs that many wouldn’t dare to.  From Usher’s U Don’t Have To CallOMG, which was nicely placed towards the end, to Jay Z’s Dirt Off Your ShouldersDoys, which WemmyMo used as an acronym for the song’s title; very clever.  His music is upbeat, hype and lyrically intelligent.  It’s the type of music you bump in your car, as well as your headphones.

Tune In!


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