2019 habits to build


Build good habits all 2019


Inspired by a change in year, I decided to list out multiple habits I want to change. Below I will post multiple things I want to change and ways to go about it! Be more blessed and have less stress all 2019 long!

Let’s Change this
  • Drinking less (First 30 days of 2019 no drinking)
  • Exercising consistently and more effectively (4-6 days a week with more cardio and weight lifting/less phone)
  • Better diet (Meal prepping might seem more expensive but it cuts off the money to buy fast food)
  • Reading more (invest in a library card and hit your local library. Invest in a kindle app for your smart phone)
  • traveling to different cities and network (research events and make plans to connect with people)
  • increase your saving (put at least 5% of your weekly or biweekly check into a saving account)
  • broaden your horizon of activities (Instead of partying or hitting your 9-5…… hit an art show, vlog a day at the zoo, go to a sports event, hit the carnival, watch a movie, go paint balling, go to a concert, hit a few networking events, get into acting, model a few brands,invest into a brand your building, give back to your community, etc…)
  • Seek counseling even if you don’t need it because our mental health matters
  • If your religious, seek comfort in your deity more often
  • Take your phones away from your family or friend’s lunches/brunches dinners an talk
  • Look to meet new people by starting small talk
  • Seek a job which makes you happy
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