Uche Malik releases new EP “For The Night”

Some may call this artist The Owerri Boy, but he’s best known by his stage name Uche Malik. Today is the release of his new single, “For The Night,” featuring Wayup Rui and Y.D.A!

Uchenna Nwachukwu, better known as Uche Malik, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently resides there. Throughout his childhood, he traveled between the United States, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

In 2019, Uche released his first EP, Uchenna (Deluxe), which included five tracks.  This project also featured his most-streamed single Rotate featuring fellow Boston artist, UgoBoy. Uche’s sound offers a new vibe to the Afro Alté genre.

I got a chance to speak with Uche Malik and discuss his new single, the creative process, and his activism during this time. Read here:

Q: What are some of your musical inspirations?

Uche Malik: My musical inspiration comes in multiple ways, haha, being around great people who make music get me inspired, especially people like Wayup and YDA but also to mention UgoBoy, Echezona, and ItsByNU. A special someone definitely fuels the context for most songs, though. Who really got me into music was Wizkid, Wande Coal, Burna Boy, Timaya, and Duncan Mighty.

Q: Who was the single produced by? Who created the cover art?

Uche Malik: Wayup Rui produced the single, he’s an amazing artist as well, versatility at its finest. The cover art was done by “Everything. Hachi,” and I.

Q: Could you describe the creative process and what it was like working with Wayup Rui & Y.D.A.?

Uche Malik: The creative process was so natural, it was like we were meant to work with each other from the jump. Both artists are amazing at what they do, and it pushes me to be even greater, I definitely grew as an artist since being involved with the both of them.

Q: With the success of your last EP Uchenna (Deluxe), can we expect a visual or a follow-up project?

Uche Malik: Yes, yes! Wayup and I have a collaboration coming in the near future, be in the lookout! Visuals are also on the horizon. COVID-19 has definitely hindered us, but we have been working nonstop to provide something unique.

Q: Describe the direction of the single “For The Night” and the meaning behind it.

Uche Malik: For the Night is the first collaboration with my good friends Wayup Rui and Y.D.A. I guess you can say it’s the beginning of something big in the future. The meaning behind the song was mainly COVID and how it separated us from our loved ones, in specific, significant others. “What if we only had one night? “What if we were only able to be together for the night? What would we do?” That’s basically the main idea behind it. Again since it was “COVID” induced, I thought it would be a great idea to go further beyond that and do some good. I decided that ALL personal proceeds from this song, as well as 50% of my overall musical proceeds, would be donated to organizations that help aid those in Nigeria affected by COVID-19.

Uche Malik adds something new and fresh to the  Afro Alté genre, through his lyrics, delivery, and voice we hope to see his career skyrocket and continue to put Africa on the map!

For The Night” by Uche Malik and Wayup Rui and Y.D.A, available on all streaming platforms


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