Rap Lyricist Three Showcases Why He Is The “Epitome” of Underground Artist

Just another lyricist expressing himself through his rhythms and rhymes, rap artist Three showcases a different side in his debut project entitled “Epitome”. In this project, the D.C. native raps about seeing the bigger picture, envisioning another side of life many people do not talk about. Tracks such as “Sin City”, “Go Around”, and “”I Be At “ (featuring J. Haywood & Typhanie & Co), you hear the crafty bars that have been perfected over the years. 


“My dream job would be to wake up everyday and create music. The spectrum of Music consists of different dynamics and complexities.. From the creation, to what instruments to use, to the writing process, to the marketing schemes, and connectivity to the audience, the fans. I love everything about it,” said Three.


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