DC Firefighter Released From Prison After Arresting Officer Accused Of Lying

An African-American firefighter from D.C. has been released from prison after the arresting officer was accused of lying about what had occurred during a traffic stop, with new evidence suggesting that the incident was racially motivated, according to Fox5.

Elon Wilson was able to walk free after he left the Nottoway Work Center. Back in 2018, Wilson was pulled over by an officer by the name of Jonathan Freitag who claimed that Wilson crossed the solid yellow lines and that his windows were tinted too dark.

Freitag later confessed and said that the car never went over the yellow line and he never even tested his windows. Wilson was later sentenced to three years in prison for drugs and guns.

On Tuesday night, Judge Daniel Ortiz released an opinion letter on this matter saying, “Wilson’s petition to Vacate Judgement is granted. Wilson’s conviction is vacated, and he shall be released from prison.”

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano has been working tirelessly to get Wilson out of prison and saying that there is no doubt that he is guilty of anything at all. Descano also learned the arresting officer Freitag lied about why he pulled Wilson over and even had a history of racially motivated traffic stops and they are reviewing 400 additional cases involving the officer.

Freitag is under investigation and has resigned from the Fairfax County Police Department three years ago but has not been charged with any crime.

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