3ohBlack “Drive(s) The Boat” In New Music Video


After his viral hit “All Talk,” DC rapper 3ohBlack follows up his social media sensation by releasing his new music video for single “Drive The Boat”. Taking advantage of the momentum gained through having the rap verse of 2019 and one of the most popular memes on the internet, he wastes no time solidifying his spot in the DMV rap scene.

3ohBlack uses this opportunity to display his unique and fun personality as he portrays an easy-going employee of the month at a pizzeria (without a doubt living out many teenage boy’s fantasies of providing fantastic customer service to beautiful women). In the music video, Black’s character is undoubtedly leaving his gorgeous lady customers very satisfied, as they tip generously and keep returning for more pizza. He is worthy of the title employee of the month as he goes above and beyond, providing a full service for his favorite customers.

Throughout the song, Black gives nods to Young Joc, Steph Curry, and famous female rapper Megan Thee Stallion, as he “drive the boat” around Miami in his pizza delivery vehicle. Despite the location change, the rapper makes it clear to the audience that he has not forgotten his roots, as the sign on the pizza delivery car states “Best Pizza in Town Moe” (a popular DMV slang term).

The rapper demonstrates his ability for bold lyrics as he smoothly rides and navigates the beat. Reminiscent of DaBaby, 3ohBlack is capable of fun, slick wordplay. In contrast to his previous single “All Talk,” the newly released “Drive The Boat” shows a different side of the rapper, a fun-loving and heartfelt man of the people.

This latest music video drop by 3ohBlack displays the rapper has endless ability to create bangers. He showcased his lyrical talent and versatility of style and subject matter, the rapper not only a revered name in the gritty streets of DC but also a fun time.

There’s no doubt about it. 3ohBlack is capable of handling the opposition and the ladies.





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