5 Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Make Valentines Day special with the family

When there’s kids involved it can be hard to set the mood. With these five tips you’ll be able to keep the kids close and your significant other even closer.

1. Movie Night:   Grab a snuggle buddy and watch any of the following love stories in your “home theatre.”
• Lady and The Tramp (G)
• The Princess Bride (PG)
• The Sound of Music (G)
• The Love Bug (G)
• You’ve Got Mail (PG)
• The Parent Trap (PG)
• Tangled (PG)
• The Fault In Our Stars (PG-13)

2. Family Picnic: What’s more loving than a family walk through downtown that ends with family time at the park? If you’re free on Wednesday, here are some locations you might like to meander:

• DC’s National Mall, Cathedral, and museums.
• City Wildlife’s Wild Love in Northeast DC. Enjoy free admission at this animal rescue center on February 11th for a tour of the facility.
• Smithsonian National Zoo’s “Woo at the Zoo.”
• Valentine Tea at Green Spring Gardens. Prepare for a teatime the whole family can enjoy this Valentine’s Day.
• VisArts at Rockville Town Center. The galleries are free and open to the public, and if you’re interested in art classes get tickets now to get a major early bird special.
• Carroll Creek or Baker Park in Frederick, Maryland.

3. Valentine’s Arts and Crafts: A little bit of construction paper safety scissors glue and crayons can show a whole lot of love.

4. “I Love You” Lists: Help the kids write their lists beforehand, and at dinner time go around the table listing 5 reasons you love each member of the family.

5. Family Breakfast/Dinner: Everyone loves food, why not get together and make your favorites? Depending on your child’s age, you may want to skip the mess and head over to IHOP for breakfast or Cracker Barrel for dinner. You can pick it up at the store or order in and have it delivered. All these options will guarantee lots of time with the loved ones.


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