A Man Attacked A Female After Rejection

It was a normal day to ride the metro for D.C. resident Monet Blakey until a man punched her in the face leaving her with a swollen cheek and no one to help her, including the station’s manager. “She asked if it happened inside of the station and I told her that it happened two steps outside of the station. She responded you have to call the police,” said Blakey.

Blakey was riding the red line at NoMa-Gallaudet U Station New York Avenue when the suspect saw her getting off the train. As the doors were closing the man forced open the doors and started making unwanted passes at her. Blakey tried everything to ignore the man, but he was persistent. 

She was a few feet outside the station when the man ran after her yelling at her, not taking rejection for an answer. 

“Frozen with shock and fear, I yelled for him to stop and leave me alone. Sadly he didn’t. He punched me in my face”, said, Blakey.

Blakey, who could barely speak reached out to the manager for help, but the manager insisted that she call the police herself and report the incident. “In tears, I pleaded for ice letting her know I could barely talk and ask for help, again she responded you have to call the police. At this point when I realized she wasn’t going to help, I called the police twice unable to speak,” said Blakey.

Blakey was left with a broken jaw that required surgery. A Go Fund Me page was created to support Blakey. People wanted to keep giving, but the donations had to stop because it reached its set goal amount of $62,000. “When I was attacked those around me didn’t help me, it discouraged me, it broke my faith in the world. To see the support that I received was awesome and all sense of the word,” said Blakey. WJLA reported, Blakey said she’ll ride the bus, but not sure if she’ll ever take the metro rail again. She is now recovering at home and healing overall, but is unsure if the feeling in her jaw will ever return.

“That has been the hardest part of my recovery to accept, whether the last sensation that I feel would be the fist of the man who hit me”, said Blakey. WJLA reached out to Metro to get more details about Blakey’s statements about what the station’s manager didn’t do. The station says they take this matter very seriously and are investigating the situation. There has been no report of any arrest by D.C. police.

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