Academic Scholar, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Talks Mental Health Being a Taboo in America

Entertainment’s Gabrielle Alexandra Smith has experienced a unique lifestyle than most her age. Smith recently opened up about her diagnosis of PTSD. In our previous interview with us, she said,  “My severe anxiety is actually PTSD. Things make sense now.

DMVDaily: So, to clarify, a lot of your development with PTSD is because of the bullying and severe stalking you experienced in college and the horrific personal stories told by entertainment professionals?

Gabrielle: Yes. This is a good way to explain it. I fell madly in love with my career.

DMVDaily: It is an honor to interview you. You have broken barriers and accomplished so much. My daughter looks up to you.

Gabrielle: “Thanks.”

DMVDaily: You are welcome. Why are you so bold and open about it?

Gabrielle: To show people that no one is perfect. Everyone experiences things and is coping with something. We as Americans love to hide things, especially when it comes to mental health. This is not even a race issue. When conversing with other entertainment professionals about mental health issues their responses seemed like a different society than the USA.

DMVDaily: Keep going.

Gabrielle: They seemed more caring. Here, it’s considered taboo. I have experienced many people changing their views of me. I have experienced stares. I have experienced the whispers. I assess human behavior so I can sense the negative energy and whispers to a great degree. This allowed me to see people’s true colors. This is not always easy. However, it showed me the position I had in their lives.

DMVDaily: How is your social life now?

Gabrielle: I have a lot of business-related friends in the industry. I do not converse in negative talk. Young adults talk negatively. They do not respect the parents. I hang out with myself. I prefer not to have friends.”

DMVDaily: It was a pleasure speaking with you. We love you here at the DMVDaily.

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