American Educator, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Is Set to Release 6th Book

Madame Gabrielle Alexandra stops to talk to DMVDaily about her upcoming book. 

She first released Herstory, which was an autobiography part one about her life as a college student and professional Cross-Cultural Investigative Journalist in Entertainment. Madame Smith released five books in seven days. 


DMVDaily: Where is your award? You should be an award-winning journalist.


Madame Gabrielle: Honestly, I just live. I do not look for recognition. I believe everything has timing. If an individual goes outside of this timing, then things will be out of line for them. This is something I have witnessed. 


DMVDaily: Tell us about your upcoming 6th book.


Madame Gabrielle: My upcoming book is about a specific topic that speaks to a lot of people. 


DMVDaily: This is very broad (laugh). 


Madame Gabrielle: I will not give away the topic. I will say that it is about love, romance, and intimacy on another level than this world has heard of. It mentioned theories about intimacy. I have ADHD, so people with an ADHD mind have a very vivid and creative imagination, which I do have.


DMVDaily: What is the target audience?


Madame Gabrielle: Adults over 40.


DMVDaily: Talk about your other books. 


Madame Gabrielle: There are a lot. I will talk about my last two books.


This book is about a compilation of my interview with Oscar Winners, Nominees, about children in third world countries. The interviews feature their daily life and thought processes. We get an insider on their biological mindset. 


DMVDaily: This is different. Many people have never worked in a third-world country. 


Madame Gabrielle: It will be interesting to learn about how young individuals live. Their life is so different. It made me appreciate my life as a child and life in general. This is actually true. 


It is amazing to see how children live. I believe in Socrates’ theory of Nature vs. Nurture. I would say that the international people I have met carry a stronger and more grateful persona than Americans. I met a Russian gentleman the other day while walking on business in the Nation’s Capital. This businessman told me a lot about his upbringing which was in a third-world country.


He said, “It took 15 years to save up money for a car. I grew up with no money. I am Russian, however, I am looked at as white. My family did not have a car, we could not afford it. We spread our meat source into a month. There was not a lot of meat. This is why I do not eat a lot of meat like most Americans.” 




DMVDaily: Express your other book New Politics, Sex, Money, Power, & Race.




This book is about politics in different sectors of the world, not just in America. The rest you would have to read to find out more. As an investigative journalist, part of my career is to report the truth. It was mixed with elements of entertainment.


DMVDaily: Last question, how did you release and write five books in one week?


Madame Gabrielle: I am a 21st Century American Writer. Writing International Literature is in my veins. I call some of my style Imaginationary Non-Fiction. I enjoy writing. Writing is how I ease my anxiety. There was a period where I just wrote for days and could not stop. I turned my ADHD factors into positive factors.


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