ASAP Rocky: Jail or College Dorm

ASAP Rocky: Jail or College Dorm

Last week, the 30-year-old rapper, ASAP Rocky, was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden after allegations of assault following his performance.  He was taken to a Swedish prison pending his trial, forcing him to suspend his tour during the wireless festival in London, UK. The governor of the jail, Frederik Wallin, has spoken regarding the condition of ASAP’s surroundings.  Since suspicions arose regarding the prisons’ cleanliness and food selection, Wallin felt the need to speak on this by stating he cannot discuss the status of other prisoners but that the jail is tolerable.


Word from TMZ says that their resources from the US Embassy state that ASAP has been placed next to a person who is throwing feces and is severely mentally ill.  As photos surfaced social media, some joke about the prison being compared to dorm rooms.It was also said that he is sleeping on a yoga mat on the hard floor and eating only one apple per day.


We’re praying for your return, Rakim.

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