August Alsina Has Lost His Ability to Walk

August Alsina: Loss of Mobility


Last Monday, August Alsina was hospitalized for nerve damage he stated via  Instagram that caused him to lose his ability to walk.  With his blissful and angelic presence on the gram, we watched his confession video with heavy hearts.  He made jokes about the walker that was in his hospital room, stating that the walker would now be his ‘new car’.  He said that he is on the road to recovery and gave us a feeling that his inability to walk is not permanent, thankfully.


In June, Alsina told Jada Pinket Smith and the cast of ‘Red Table Talk’ that he has been diagnosed with a liver disease that is classified as autoimmune, which means his body is fighting against itself. Autoimmune disorders are those in which your body attack itself; your body produces antibodies that attack normal tissue.  Basically, your body is confusing ‘good’ cells with ‘bad’ cells, treating the good ones as bad ones and trying to fight them off. August also said during the Table Talk that, ‘The reality of it is, I’m sick all the time. I don’t really like to talk about it because I’m not looking for anybody’s sympathy. Don’t treat me like I’m a f***ing cancer patient, ’cause I’m not’.


Although we love this artist for his good looks, beautiful curly hair and amazing vocals, he has been sick for quite some time.  In 2014, Alsina collapsed during a concert and was in a coma for 3 days before recovering. The next year in 2015, he had eye surgery to correct issues he was having that was causing him to lose his sight.



Autoimmune disorders will sometimes get the best of us.  With several celebrities possessing these diseases such as Kim Kardashian West – Psoriasis, Selena Gomez -Lupus, Charlie Sheen – HIV (2015 reveal), Venus Williams – Sjogren’s syndrome just to name a few.


August Alsina’s Instagram quote a while back stated:

‘Please take care of yourself and your bodies & your SOULS.  A beautiful face will fade, a beautiful body will fade too, but a beautiful soul is FOREVER’


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