Azriel Clary Is Reportedly Helping The Feds Build Their Case Against R. Kelly

Azriel Clary is ready to fully cleanse her life of R. Kelly. So much so that she is now assisting with federal investigators with the federal sex crimes case against him in New York, sources close to the case told TMZ.

Clary was initially afraid to work with the feds due to the fact that she allegedly lied to them on multiple occasions about Kelly’s involvement with underage girls. However, following the now-viral fight with former sister-wife Joycelyn Savage, the 21-year-old has now had a change of heart.

The decision to aid authorities has proven to be potentially dangerous, as Clary and her entire family has received multiple death threats.

Steven Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer, tells TMZ he’s not surprised by Clary’s sudden willingness to work with the prosecution.

“It’s not news to me. I’ve suspected it all along, but you can’t get in the way of love… Rob’s love for her.”

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