Bake Leon – “Bloody Tears X-Love” (Album)

Rising Alabama artist Bake Leon is sharing his gift to the world through his music.  Bake Leon has been pursuing music since the age of 18, his music is rooted in his upbringing from the streets to relationships. The delivery and message are the soundtracks of his life. People who can relate to growing up in a poor environment and making a way for themselves to survive in this world will resonate with his sound most.

Bake Leon took his bad experiences in the music industry, including bad deals to fuel his own dream. In 2012, Bake Leon has started his own label called “B.A.G Gang”, working with mainstream artists and producers.

From incarceration to dealing with heartbreak, music has helped Bake Leon relieve pain. Standing solid on not giving up on his career because his six-year-old daughter keeps him focused on the end goal. Bake Leon is ready to change the world with a new genre of music, “RnTrapB”.

Take a listen to Bake Leon’s latest project “Bloody Tears X-Love” down below and let us know what you think.


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