Baltimore Youth Program assist teens helping them get summer jobs

Despite everything going on across the world, you still have great people and organizations who are dedicated to helping people. Standing on the “Changing one brain at a time”, Redesigning Minds helped 50 kids in the community receive summer employment working at the Baltimore Ravens Stadium.

Many teens growing up in Baltimore, MD, are exposed to a different environment compared to most other teenagers. A good majority are surrounded by many people who may not be able to teach them particular skills they will need in life or how to cope with mental illness. The purpose of Redesigning Minds helping these 50 kids receive jobs is to teach them punctuality, customer service, how to maintain a job, and financial literacy. Most importantly taking them away from the streets and putting them in a different environment.


“Growing up I have never gone to a Ravens game so to be working at the Raven Stadium it’s truly a blessing.” said Jamari Smith


We spoke with one of Redesigning Minds’ very own Brandon Johnson, who talked about helping the adolescence in his community. “Our main focus is to help change the mindset within the youth in our community. Not only do we expose kids into a different environment but we give the tools and an opportunity to redesign themselves, showing them that there is more to life outside of their regular environment.”

Opportunities like this are very beneficial and impactful in a city with high crime and poverty rates. According to CBS News, Baltimore came in second for the deadliest U.S. cities. Not to mention there is also a food desert within the city where the distance to a supermarket is more than a ¼ mile radius. These are issues that can cause individuals to feel depressed and make bad decisions due to their environment. Many will turn to burglary, shoplifting, and other crimes just to make a living. If more time and money were invested to fix these issues, many individuals’ health will improve.


“I really do appreciate this opportunity to get off the streets” – Chris Parsons



Over the weekend, the youth program hosted a “Restorative & Relaxing Walk & Talk Day” where they took 50 boys and girls between the ages of 6-16 to Six Flags. Later this month Redesigning Minds will host a Grieve Camo between July 26th-July 30th for individuals who have lost someone.

Redesigning Minds is a comprehensive mental health organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. The program is designed to improve the mental development of adolescents and adults by providing them with therapy, counseling, and coaching services. Their main objective is to assist individuals suffering from any health, trauma, or mental issues by hosting community events and worship to bring awareness to these issues.


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