Beauty Of The Week: Jamielyn Angel

Get To Know

Jamielyn Angel

Instagram: @JayStunna • Twitter: @JayStunnax

Silver Spring, MD

Dream job:

Singer/Pediatric Physical Therapist

Favorite Musician(s):

H.E.R., Alicia Keys

Favorite Actor(s) or Actress:

Michael B. Jordan

Favorite Movie or Show(s):

Love and Basketball

Favorite Restaurant(s):

Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Childhood memories:

When I didn’t have to worry about paying for anything 😂

Favorite Designer Brand(s):

Louis Vuitton & Burberry

Favorite Hobbies:

Basketball & Singing

Dream Car:

BMW i8

Toughest Moment You Overcame:

Losing my grandpa

Surprising Fact About You:

I have many hidden talents!


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