Big Flock Shares New Project “187” After Being Home For One-Year.

Big Flock decided to celebrate the first anniversary of his incarceration with the release of his new w  project 187. The 21-track project that fully loaded with top features from DMV owns Xanman, Money Marr, O Dawg, Freakshow, IamNorthEast, Black Fortune, JG Riff, Goonew, and Journi Love, as well as others like Bandhunta Izzy, Scarfo Da Plug, and Block 125.

Full Tracklist:

  1. Bloodtype
  2. Commandments (feat. Block 125)
  3. 10 or Less
  4. Life 4 a Life (feat. O Dawg)
  5. Nah FR
  6. Labret (feat. Money Marr)
  7. If You Ask Me
  8. Pole Wit Em (feat. Xanman)
  9. Aiesha
  10. First Body (feat. Freakshow)
  11. Overtime
  12. Body On Em (feat. Bandhunta Izzy)
  13. Thyall
  14. Move (feat. Journi Love)
  15. Mayday
  16. Still (feat. IamNorthEast)
  17. Fat Shit
  18. Damn (feat. Black Fortune & Goonew)
  19. Tom N’ Jerry
  20. Back Street Boyz (feat. JG Riff & Scarfo Da Plug)
  21. Laugh it Off

His single “Aeisha” appeared in Lyrical Lemonade this past Friday and paid homage to the artist’s love for the iconic Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson is one of the greatest, if not the greatest entertainer of all time. If you’re not striving to be the best then why do it all,” he told them.


“I’m so grateful that my home has backed me and my music for years, even when I was locked up,” he said. Flock continued with, “Now that I’m a free man and a more mature person, I want to establish a name for myself worldwide in all parts of the world.”


Elevator Magazine


Check out the project below. You can also watch the “Tom N’ Jerry” visuals above.

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