Young Gets It Done Voting Pep Rally Recap

Voting Awareness Was Brought to Morgan State University. 

BGV Pose with Guest Shiggy

With the 2018 Mid-term election around the corner, Morgan State University decided to host a vote pep rally for the community.

This wasn’t just any ordinary rally, this brought in true talent and the admission was free. The event was to encourage the youth to vote and how important it is.

Dave East Rocked the Stage

I got the chance to cover the “Young Gets it Done” voting pep rally. The energy was high from the time the event kicked off. People in attendance were treated to musical performances by Dave East, G Herbo, Bri Steves, Young Moose, Ari Lennox, and LGP_QUA.

Shaquille Mitchell aka viral star Shiggy came through as well to do the famous Shiggy Challenge. He even did a short dance battle with people from the audience.

Other supporters for the event included Planned Parenthood, The Collective, ATU, and 1999SEIU.

Morgan State University is the first campus to have an official chapter of BGV.

History of the BGV

Black Girls Vote was in the house

Founded by Nikydria Robinson in 2015, BGV has steadily grown and spread awareness in the community for empowering women’s voices.

Their mission statement reads: To inspire women of color to use the political process to improve the quality of life for their families and the collective community.

The non-partisan organization is doing a great job and only looks to grow. Robinson spoke to last year and shared her thoughts about black women importance in voting.

“Young women want to be part of something, (we) will take the issues that we are experiencing in our community and transfer that energy to the polls.


“Looking at women of color, 94% of us voted for the Democratic nominee in 2016.  We are loyal voters. Do not knock the block,” Robinson said.  “Women of color are saying we will vote and we will support you, but you have to support us, too.”  –

The organization focuses on the 18-25-year-old women demographic. They’re also affiliated with several college campuses in the area and have taken their messages to the high school level.

BGV Objective – Engage, educate, empower women to activate their voice by voting.

Vision – To elevate the quality of life for women.

Voting Information

Early voting started October 25 and ends November 1st. The polls are open from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.  To see where you can vote early at, click here.

November 6 marks the day of the 2018 election.

To see a preview of a ballot, click here.


Black Girls Vote


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