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Black Woman Thrown Into A Dumpster By Black Men Given A Makeover!



The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” – Malcolm X


After a video of a  D.C. woman being thrown into a dumpster by a group of young men went viral, she was given a makeover recently from five businesswomen in the DMV area.  The young lady was talking to a group of guys who was provoking her to kiss one of their friends.  The kiss didn’t occur, and she was walking away from the group. As she was walking away, the guys ended up chasing her, pushed her onto a trashcan, picked her up, and dumped her in. All the guys kept recording, laughed, and mocked the girl as she was lying in the dumpster. She did eventually get out, but the guys kept harassing her as she was leaving. They called her derogatory names, kept following her, and then pushed her down a few more times into a bush.




After seeing this video, Chef Gee, a DMV caterer, posted on Instagram in hopes of finding the young lady to help her feel better but also expressing how frustrated she is with the treatment of black women, especially in the D.C. area. After she found information on this woman, she gifted her with a free makeover.  Five businesswomen gave her a full glam makeover consisting of makeup by @cha.londa, a new hairstyle by @meccaonamission1,  and clothes from @sweetfaces204 and @darealchingyeyes.

Chef Gee posted the entire transformation on her story showcasing all smiles and laughs, wrapping this woman with nothing but love after the treatment she received. She writes in a caption:

“The last time yall saw @stonelover43 on my Page, she was covered in Trash inside the Garbage earlier this week!!! In My City #DC ?????????? I’ve been in contact with her nonstop ever since that day!!! Me and my girls got together #Today and gave her a complete makeover!!! Thanks to For doing her hair last minute‼️ …… THIS GIRL WAS SO FULL OF JOY THE ENTIRE 6 Hours we were together she made us all laugh, and cry ? I just want her to remember what I told her!!!! YOU ARE A QUEEN AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY ❤️‼️?????? #BLACKLIVESMATTER #CHEFGEE ❤️✊?”



People eventually found out local rapper Fat Rodney was one of the people who recorded this. Although he issued an apology, some people feel like the apology was not sincere. Considering the word choice he used such as “some of yall ain’t making the situation no better acting like they beat up or she got hit out here” or “I found it funny come on now people bid and joke way more than this,” but he apologizes on behalf of him and his brother. The person who asked for a kiss explained his side of the story stating he is 14, felt uncomfortable, didn’t know if the woman was on drugs, and she was trying to kiss someone she knew was a minor.

His answer doesn’t justify why he and his friends threw her in the Trash, but it’s his standpoint. The whole situation has been going viral, but the image has been shifted from humiliating this young lady to now showing how much of a beautiful black queen she is, and she is valued in her community.


Overall, this woman has been feeling better with all the love shown and looking her best with this makeover. She decided to go live to tell her side of the story.