BREAKING NEWS: Duke Ellington Alumna, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is the Youngest Chairwoman in the Nation’s Capitol

Black women have been breaking barriers and making moves, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Today, another Black Women from Washington, DC has made history with HERstory and her name is Chairwoman Gabrielle Alexandra Smith. Smith is the Senior Publicist of the Public Relations Committee with DC Councilmember, Trayvon White, who works closely with the Nation’s Capitol’s Mayor Muriel Bowser

On Thursday, May 20th, Chairwoman Smith met with Politicians and also the DC Council to speak on the violence in her city, Washington, DC.

This is what she had to say during our meeting


“Stop shooting and killing these kids. Let them grow up. They are the parents of the next generation. How are you going to rob a store or shoot a kid, but flinch when you see a Cicada? These children and young adults are punks.  I walked through swarms of Cicadas today and stared at them down.  The violence in my city is getting out of control. This is why Former Mayor Marion Berry created the Summer Youth Employment Program. Let’s not forget this. 

We turned my interviews into plays. Let’s create a different rap genre and turn my interviews into raps and songs. We are turning Washington, DC into Cypher City. These little kids and young adults want to be rappers. Let’s see if they can release pinned-up energy through rapping. Let’s bring Washington, DC back. There is hope. 

Put down the guns. Only punks use guns for violence. During the 80s and 90s, people used their fists, not guns. (Laughs). These tough people who were once teenagers are now your parents. The people of this generation and my generation think they are tough.

Let’s arrange small groups within neighborhoods for protection. Yes, this is bringing back the Black Panther Party. There needs to be structure.”

Smith currently is the youngest Board Member in the Nation’s Capitol with a nonprofit, Amy Jacques Garvey Institute. The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute is a grassroots nonprofit that organizes communities of color, especially youth, with the purpose of advancing economic, environmental, and social justice. They currently have a virtual after-school program for kids wanting community service hours. 

Smith rose to fame while living three different lives. First life being a journalist in her dorm room at SUNY Purchase located in Westchester, New York. Second life, pursuing and graduating with two degrees in Communications and English. The third life is living with ADHD. Smith also went around the world, interviewing at least one person in every state and continent in just 13 days, which is something Christopher Columbus could not accomplish fully. She gained respect in three of the world’s major entertainment sectors: Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood.

While doing these magnificent endeavors, Chairwoman Smith developed a serious case of anxiety due to the brutal torture and bullying that took place behind closed doors at the State University of New York at Purchase College located in Westchester, New York.

“No one in entertainment knew I was in college and no one in college believed I was in entertainment or that I had ADHD. I lived three different lives. I honestly just want to live one life.”

Chairwoman Smith just unexpectedly released her Autobiography, Herstory which talks about her experience being torture and bullying in college and her career as an investigative journalist in Entertainment.  The book is currently available as an Ebook and Paperback on Amazon:

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