Breonte’ Hackley – Alone

Unread text messages and a empty call log,
Hidden in the shadows of the freshly arisen fog.
Who am I to judge your future decision making?
What made me love you this much got me really contemplating?
Do you see what I see? or is this just another well told lie?
Thought I found the one to hold me down until the day I die.
But like the good saying goes, “You Win Some, You Lose Some”
Well I feel like I lost it all and I can’t get back none.
My life is an walking tragedy,
trying to find peace to evolve into something more humanity.
Growing up I was always considered an outcast
Never really had too many loyal and down to ride friends.
People didn’t like my vision and my views on life
so they casted me aside and said, “I wouldn’t be nothing in life”
Family members always said, “You won’t see 18!”
Nobody understood my vision until I made myself unseen.
Sometimes I ask myself “Who am I?”
Am I the guy who suppose to change the world before he die?
Never understood why I wasn’t even accepted in a room of ten,
I guess because they didn’t want me to win.
I’m sorry I care about the little things in life which are the best
Like a simple hug and kiss or a good-morning and goodnight text.
So I wonder why I’m always left out and alone
with nobody to ever consider my own.
The sudden stoppage of my heart will create a new testimony
maybe then people will look at me more than just a going home ceremony.
R.I.P to the guy you use to know cause he dead and gone
y’all created a new beast and the vision is already drawn.
500 pages of my testimony awaits you,
hopefully then you’ll understand what I’ve been through.
The Mind of Tae July 21st,
A moment to say I love you to mother first.

By: Breonte’ Hackley

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