Celebrity Photographer Tevin Towns Spotted in the 305… What Does He Have Coming Next?

Tevin Towns has been on the scene heavily after doing multiple events for his city. Educating the youth and providing an opportunity for so many lives. Now he’s spotted in Miami Beach where rumors are that he may be expanding his “Eyetagraphy” team. Yet we do not have all of the answers it looks like Tevin may be either moving to Miami for a while or may have opportunities for photographers in Florida.

Tevin was seen shooting Baltimore artist “Lor Mae” giving her brand something the streets of Baltimore have never seen. Can we expect more artists and brands Collin artists with Tevin to restructure their brands?

Tevin, Treasure, and Rahn Da Don teamed up with their creative brains to style this shoot for Lor Mae. It’s pretty dope seeing so many young minds come together for a common goal to help someone. “ In a generation that we are in it’s often that people are for self but Tevin is someone who thinks beyond himself. He’d rather do for others rather himself, that’s why it’s so great working with him” says manager Rahn Da Don.

Eyetagraphy is up to something special and Tevin Towns is making his mark and 2021 just started.

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@rahndadon (brand consultant)
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@lormaee (artist)

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