Newly-elected South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace introduced the Child Care Worker Opportunity Act, legislation to rescind the requirement of Washington, D.C. childcare workers to have a college degree on Tuesday.

“It is absolutely ludicrous those who wish to care for children have to obtain a college degree to do so. Yet, this is exactly the case in Washington, D.C. As a member of the Oversight Committee, which oversees the governance of the Federal City, it’s my job to provide sensible solutions to those struggling in our nation’s capital.” said Rep. Mace.

The current legislation in place requires that certain District of Columbia childcare workers have to hold either an Associates’s or Bachelors’s degree depending on what type of service being provided.

Rep. Mace is backed by Utah Senator Mike Lee.

Sen. Lee feels as though the current legislation in place harms low-income workers and families who need childcare and increases the price of childcare in the District of Columbia.

“My bill would repeal these harmful regulations to increase opportunity for childcare workers, and help provide more affordable, flexible childcare for District families, which is needed now more than ever.” said Senator Lee.

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