Why Consumers Don’t Support Local Artists?


We live in a world where we are told to chase our dreams no matter what we are inspiring to be. So why is it so hard for local talent to get support when they’re reaching for their dreams?

Personally I support indie artist, artist on the rise, or the popular phrase “local artists”. If you send me your music I’ll definitely give it a listen and let you know what I like and what I don’t like about the song.

However, I always get the question ” why don’t people support local artists like you?” So, I decided to ask around and do a little research. The reasons I received are “poor quality”, “non-user friendly music platforms”, “lack of creativity” , and being “unauthentic”.

I did receive other reasons such as “they’re just local” or “their music doesn’t support positivity”. I left those two out because I feel like some people forget the majority of their favorite rappers were once rapping in someone’s basement and probably don’t promote positivity either.
The ones I did choose hold meaning and I’m going to break down the reasons why below.

“Poor quality” is something I hear a lot when artists have music that sounds like they recorded it in voice memos. This will definitely make it seem as if you’re not serious about your music and come off distasteful to listeners. Your work is a reflection of you and you want to make sure your presentation is solid. Always try to make it to a good studio.


Music platforms are the best way to get your music out there and if you’re using a platform that’s difficult for people to find or listen to your music that can cause frustration. Listeners want options and if the music is hard to reach for them how can they listen?

For example I’m not a fan of Spinarilla , Mymixtapez, Bandcamp or google files. I have an iPhone and it’s hard for me to listen to music on these platforms. iPhone users to my knowledge can’t download from safari to our phones like android. I personally prefer SoundCloud, Tidal , Spotify, Apple Music and even YouTube.

Especially SoundCloud, with SoundCloud you can host your music for free as an artist and the consumer can download the app easily and listen to it on their phone. I also would highly suggest youtube if you’re a spanking brand new artist on the scene. If you have a budget and the knowledge you can always distribute your music on streaming platforms as well. Always remember to give your listeners easy options when trying to get your music out there.

The second to last complaint is the lack of creativity. Many people have stated all artists sound the same these days and it’s nothing really creative anymore. Finding your own sound can be hard as an artist but try not to sound like the next Future, Migos, or 2 Chainz. Remember Migos fans were in tune with them because their sound was different. It’s been times where I’ve listened to an up and coming artist and It sounded just like Migos song”T-Shirt”. You don’t want to come off as if you’re not only biting someone style but you took a full plate of their cadence, flow, and delivery. Always remember to stay true to yourself and your craft.

The last one is a difficult matter because there are cases where this is a win or lose. A lot of listeners get turned off when you’re living a lie and rapping about things you’ve never seen or done. Listeners love when artists are authentic and relatable. If you come across as a gimmick you will eventually be exposed for the person you really are. This is why sometimes it’s safer to just be yourself rap and make songs about what you actually go through.

These are different view points from a handful of listeners, just to keep in mind. Just know this isn’t for every rappers just the one wondering what’s going on.

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  1. I completely agree with this article. Coming from being a former artist (myself) and transitioning into a videographer I know exactly how majority of local artist operate. Artist claim they want to “make it” but how bad do they really want it?! Most local don’t maintain that persona, drive, creativity and most of all, professionalism to separate themselves from one another! A lot of artist don’t realize perception and how their perceived.

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