Coronavirus virus death toll rises to 425, total cases now 20,438

The death toll continues to arises in mainland China from the coronavirus, bringing the death toll  to 425. There are now a total of 20,438 cases now standing.

The new figures come after the country opened a new hospital built in 10 days, infused cash into tumbling financial markets and further restricted people’s movement in hopes and worries of containing this fast spreading virus and its escalating impact.

Japanese officials were deciding whether to quarantine more 3,000 people on a cruise ship that carried a passenger who tested positive for the virus.

Many countries are now continuing evacuations and restricting the entry of Chinese or people who have recently traveled in the country. The World Health Organization stated that the number of cases will continue to increase because tests are pending on thousands of suspected cases.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, presiding over a special meeting of the country’s top Communist Party body for the second time since the crisis started, said “we have launched a people’s war of prevention of the epidemic.”

Since the first day of trading after the Lunar New Year Holiday, China’s Shanghai Composite stock index plunged nearly 8% even though a central bank announcement that they were putting 1.2 trillion yuan ($173 million) into the markets.

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