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Crowds Go Out On First Saturday in DC Without Most COVID-19 Restrictions



It seems that things are looking up when it comes to the pandemic. People are coming back to the bars and restaurants in D.C. as the state has lifted all capacity and social distancing restrictions on most businesses and entertainment venues, according to NBC Washington.

In Adam’s Morgan, things are looking more crowded and like they did before the pandemic began. More people are out walking along the streets. Some have been walking without wearing masks.

One man claimed, “As long as we see people happy, the businesses are going to start opening up again and receiving the money they’ve been missing for a while. So I think this is a great indicator of the world reopening.”


As an added bonus, if you are fully vaccinated, you’re no longer required to wear a mask inside in most cases.

However, many other people have said that they will continue to wear the masks as an added precaution when going out in public areas and many businesses like bars, nightclubs, and sporting event venues will have to wait before they can run at full capacity.

Nevertheless, it’s still a step in the right direction for the country and the world.