Curren$y and Fendi P keep it moving in “Swang” video

Curren$y and Fendi P teamed up to release Smokin Potnas, a tape full of street wisdom and life lessons. Today, the duo kept the ball rolling with a new video for their new single, “Swang.” In the visuals, you can see the New Orleans natives posted in a 60’s Cascade Green Impala, while in other shots, Fendi is hanging out the window of a Chevy Caprice.



Every hip-hop fan knows that Curren$y (a.k.a. Spitta Andretti) never stops working. Earlier this year, he joined DJ Fresh for the last installment of The Tonite Show series and most recently dropped off the 3 Piece Set EP. On the other hand, you have Fendi P, a.k.a. Corner Boy P, a Jet Life mainstay who came on the Southern rap scene in 2016 with laid-back, flex-heavy bars. Bouncing back from an active year in 2019, releasing two full-length tapes, Fendi P 3 and Carrera Red. After working together for four years, it is shocking to believe that this is their first collaborative project.

Every time the dynamic duo links up at the studio together, they created magic. During an interview with Billboard, Fendi talked about their fantastic collaborative record stating that “It just felt like the right time. You know the term ‘Stay down till you come up?”  Smoking Potnas set the vibes similar to other Curren$y releases, the beats are blunt, and lyrics focus on cars and marijuana. However, Fendi P comes in and adds a compelling new voice to Spitta Andretti’s wave, providing the album with a balance and firmness that positions Fendi as the crown prince of Curren$y’s decade-plus run as the South’s sturdiest stoner.



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