Dallas officer kills man after going home to the wrong apartment


According to Fox4News, an off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man after she walked into the wrong apartment in her building.

The shooting took place around 10 p.m. Thursday night. Apparently, the officer just completed a 12-hour shift and believed to entered what she thought was her apartment at the South Side Flats.

Nonetheless, it was not the right apartment. The officer ended up running into 26-year-old, Botham Shem Jean, and shot him.

After calling 911, Jean was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead a short-time later.

Dallas Police Chief Rene Hall confirmed that the off-duty officer is a white patrol officer. As of right now, the female officer will not be identified until she has been formally charged. She has not been interviewed nor detained. Since a warrant has not been formally issued, the officer was allowed to leave.

About The Victim


Credit: Jeff Montgomery, Harding University Photographer


Here is what we know about the victim
  1. His name is Botham Jean
  2. He was 26 years old
  3. Graduated from Harding University in Arkansas
  4. Worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational audit and consulting firm in Downtown Dallas
  5. Extremely involved in his church, Dallas West Church of Christ

Source – Fox4News

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