DC police investigating after adult is found dead in Southeast vacant building

D.C. police are investigating after a deceased man was found in a vacant building on Barnaby Road, Southeast suffering what they described as trauma to his upper body on Monday.

Investigators say they need to examine the body before they can say the victim was shot or not.

They are also trying to determine whether the man was died as a result of gunfire exchanged between an unidentified person and security personnel that occurred Sunday night at the same location.

According to police, security guards were clearing out vacant apartments in the 4200 block of Barnaby Road when they encountered an armed adult and exchanged gunfire.

Police found evidence of a gun fight at the scene after they responded. They could not, however, find the suspect.

They found the dead body after they returned to the scene on Monday, but they can’t be certain it’s the same person at this phase of the investigation.

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