DC Traffic The Movie

Back Story / Movie Overview

The movie is a Bonnie & Clyde style romantic drama with criminal undertones but with an unexpected that’ll have the audience in suspense. It all takes place in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. The movie will address that current state of sex trafficking in the DMV to help raise awareness to a growing epidemic in cities all across the USA.

Starting out the main two characters are strangers introduced by a mutual friend to do a photoshoot that goes horribly wrong. THroughout the storyline, the main characters fall in and out of love while trying to change each other, one for good and other for bad.

Character Listing

Character 1 is a good hearted guy & sucker for pretty face who is a part time freelance photographer with a son under constant pressure and scrutiny of his baby’s mom who trys to live on the straight and narrow to make ends meet. – ROLE FILLED

Character 2 is a stripper/model by day & a escort by night with a dark secret life, whos mentality has been tainted by being taken advantage of by men and the things she been exposed to going through foster care and living in group homes. Life has turns her into a cold heartless person who does whatever it takes to get ahead.

Character 3 is a fun loving girl who is down on her luck and looking for a way out of the life of stripping and escorting with optimistic view of being a big name Instagram model who tries to use parties drugs and drinking wash her pain away. She meets character 1 and falls for him because he nothing like the men she’s use to and knows nothing about her life as a escort. During a photoshoot they make love and never leave each others mind even after moving from DC to New York

Character 4 is the pimp of character 3 with a huge ego. Brought up on the streets of NYC in his mind there is no better way than the wrong way and no one better at being wrong than him.

Character 5 who is a normal girl with an open mind and honest to a fault who gets sucked into a life of crime by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and trust the wrong people.

Character 6 is a pimp and stick up kid who feels if anything happens in DC it needs his approval being the self proclaimed king of the streets

Character 7&8 are girls who work with character 6 and who will often threaten to want to leave him after noticing his lack by the emergence of characters 1&2 on the scene and constantly are seeking to match their success.

Character 9 is an OG who has earned undisputable respect everywhere he goes after putting in so much work he’s reach the point of wanting to change his life and advises people who look up to him to follow different paths while being a kingpin in his own right.

Character 10 is a well know public figure in the modeling, fashion and party scene all over DC. Casual associate of character 1 from seeing each other at different events he become his main outlet for getting models paid gigs. – ROLE FILLED

Character 11 is the baby mother of character 1 who is constantly nagging him for money threatening to take him for child support and putting constant pressure under him to support her and their child financially

Dream Girl – she is a figment of character 1’s imagination who serves as a personification of his subconscious in his dreams. She is a fiercely confident all american beauty who represents the level of status, class and success he seeks to gain throughout the movie while keeping him aware of the dangers that come along with the lifestyle he’s in pursuit of.

If you’re highly interested in joining the team to help spread awareness. Apply for a cameo opportunity below. If you have any further questions about the film. Please contact us at

Looking for over 100 extras to play throughout the movie in various scenes.

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  1. Hello, my name is Darius and I’m a local entrepreneur from the DMV area. I would like to know is there any other casting call for this movie. It seems very exciting and motivating. If you can hit me back that would be great,
    Thank you and God bless.

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