Dennis Rodman is one of the top legends in the Bulls era, he simply was out there being himself unapologetically. He decided to go against all norms in the game and in life outside the game, but Nobody can ever say his game on the court was anything short of magic! He gave everything on that court and did not care about scoring did not care about being the star he just wanted to play let everything he had inside him come out on the court. His stories and legacy are fascinating! From being on the bad boys of NBA from 89 to 93 he terrorized other teams with an unconventional way of defending. His rebounding becomes legendary averaging 13.1 RPG and 7.3 ppg 1.8 APG throughout his career Dennis Rodman was fearless on that court.



His personal struggles did not stop him become a stand out talent in NBA, This man befriended the leader of North Korea who had a wild party with him knows him more than 7.3 billion people in the world. For christ’s sake more than the leader’s own country. He must be a hell of a man to bring Peaceful ties to the US and North Korea, from marrying himself to dating Madonna, Carmen Electra to wrestling with hulk hogan. You name it he has done it all, but it did not distract him on the court his passion was insane. He just won’t give players like Shaq, Mj, Magic you name it, he had his foot in everybody’s minds he just won’t let them have the opportunity to have more energy than him in the game. He won 5 championships, he developed a fabulous trio with Pippen And MJ later in his career. Even though they never spoke together outside the game much often they were unstoppable on the court. They respected each other through there game not what they do in there personal lives and it resulted in three consecutive championships. The drama was real but so was the love and passion for the game. As he’s getting older and wiser he is trying to explain why he was the way he was! He does not need to explain it but he owes it to people who are unique and have something to tell, to be different to not hold your true self back. Everybody in 2010s looks like Dennis back in the 1990s. He was a visionary he was intelligent he had a troubled upbringing and it resulted in a spot in people’s hearts. He was humble he did not care about money, He liked to spend it. We will go to Vegas and come back to get you a championship. ( Michael went back to get him ended up partying with him. Hilarious)


Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. during Air Jordan Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Sneak Peek of Air Jordan XX to Kick Off Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas. ***Exclusive*** (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli)

Thank- You For being you Dennis Rodman you Inspire a whole bunch of people out there whoever you are, whatever you have done you deserve to be appreciated for keeping it true.

” Do the dirty work like Rodman, Fendi flip-flop I am styling”- Pardison Fontaine


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