DMV Business Spotlight: AMP’D Up Live

AMP’d Up Live is a platform that increases the volume of one’s voice and vision while amplifying their thoughts globally. Their platform empowers artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their craft and/or products to real supporters and fans by providing captivating, insightful, and eventful interviews from the best interactive hosts for our viewers and listeners.

At AMP’d Up Live prides itself in delivering hot and new content ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, DanceHall music, and other genres. Subscribed members enjoy the latest and hottest in music, events, trends, news, and more!

Aside from the music aspect, AMP’d Up Live also provides a space for entrepreneurs to market and promote their businesses. The platform is quickly becoming the premium platform for the culture and a promotional powerhouse for established artists, businesses, and rising stars and entrepreneurs so why not share our dreams, everyday thinking, everyday topics to captivating viewers, listeners and readers, from our hearts and guts. It takes courage to be a part of a network where fans are able to stream through the app and the website and to be strong and strengthening.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Antonia, the founder of AMP’D Up Live.


Q: How did the idea of AMPD UP Live come about?

Antonia: I wanted to create a platform to help provide exposure for others. Whether they are a musician, a politician, or a motivational speaker, I wanted to give them a space where they are able to amplify their view.

Q: How has your platform expanded over the years?

Antonia: Over the years, the platform has introduced several podcasts shows, artist management sources, and production in films and music videos. The platform was also used as a gateway to establish a non-profit organization that is utilized to provide resources to those in need throughout the world.

Q: What services or products does Amp’D Up Live offer?

Antonia:  I shoot and edit music videos and produce films. I’ve created music videos and short films. I’m currently working with a production team on an upcoming movie. I provide a network where people join in to hear the latest of artists, entertainers, political figures, or fellow like-minded individuals, sharing their thoughts and messages based on current events, life topics & more.

Q: What are your company’s goals?

Antonia:  My company’s goal is to impact many lives we can throughout the world. Whether they are tuning in to our shows and relating to our guests or hosts or to receiving service through our non-profit organization.

Q: What have you found most challenging about operating your platform?

Antonia:  The most I find challenging about operating my platform is not having enough time in the day to accomplish all of my daily goals. If I was able to have at least 48 hours in a day, daily I would feel twice as satisfied.

Q: Does your business give back to your community? If so, what have you all done so far?

Antonia: Yes. I’ve created a non-profit organization, “Amp’d Up For All”. I created “Bless’d Up Bags” which I fill up with necessities for men, women, and children and pass them out in different cities. So far I’ve distributed Bless’d Up Bags to Brevard County, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Manhattan, New York, and my recent visit was to Lagos, Nigeria.




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