DMV Daily Interviews: Marin Cogan & Pop-Up Magazine

DMV Daily Interviews: Marin Cogan & Pop-Up Magazine

Photo Creds: Jon Snyder

We had the pleasure of speaking to Marin Cogan, the Senior Producer of Pop-Up Magazine & Co-Host of the D.C. Winter Issue show. Cogan helps with telling the stories on the show and making them come alive on stage with music, photography, film, and more. Read more of our Q&A down below.

Q: What exactly is Pop-Up Magazine?

Marin : Think of it as a podcast, a documentary film screening, a concert, and a comedy show, all rolled into one. Our contributors perform beautiful, original stories, accompanied by art, illustration, photography, film, audio, and an orchestra. The stories will disappear after the show, so you have to be there to see it.

Q: When did Pop-Up Magazine launch?

Marin : Pop-Up Magazine was founded in 2009 as an experiment, to bring together storytellers working in a variety of mediums – print and digital, radio, photography, documentary film, and more – on stage.

Q: How did you get your opportunity to work with Pop-Up Magazine?

Marin : I actually got my start with Pop Up as a performer! I’ve been a writer in DC for my entire career, for places like GQ and ESPN and New York, and one day Pop Up reached out to me about performing a piece. I was in their first DC show, and I had so much fun on tour with them that I knew I wanted to join their team.

Q: What cities does Pop-Up Magazine travel to? How often does Pop-Up Magazine host live magazine events?

Marin : We tour the country 3x a year. We always stop in D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. We also frequently visit Portland, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago. This winter, we’ll be headed to Atlanta and Austin as well.

Q: What is the purpose or motivation behind Pop-Up Magazine?

Marin : There is something powerful about experiencing storytelling with other people: Instead of reading a story on your phone or laptop, you’re sitting in a dark theater with a thousand other people, watching and listening to stories together. We hope people walk away from the show with a new perspective about an issue, person, place they heard about during the show.

Q: What are some topics of discussion featured in Pop-Up Magazine?

Marin : The 2019 Winter Issue show pays homage to one of the fathers of the electric guitar; examines the aftermath of an infamous, viral moment in Olympics history; brings back to life a 500-year-old, lost genre of music; and much, much more.

Q: Can you name a few special guests who will be in Pop-Up Magazine’s Winter Issue?

Marin : We have a great lineup, including Will Butler from the band Arcade Fire; writer Jason Concepcion (The Ringer) and filmmakers Sam Green (A Thousand Thoughts, The Weather Underground), Jason Hanasik (The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, SFFILM’s FilmHouse) and Sophia Nahli Allison (Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab).

They will be performing their next Winter Issue on  Saturday February 9th, 2019 at the Warner Theatre. Curtain opens at 7:30 p.m.

Be sure checkout Pop-Up Magazine and follow them for updates on their next live shows!

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