The DMV Daily Presents: Memorable Performance at Jayy Splash “We Got Now”


Richmond is known for its diverse indie concerts. I’ve been to many local showcases in the Richmond area this year and Jay Splash’s “We Got Next” event was probably the best one! The concert was put together so well and there wasn’t one delay throughout the set.


His (Jay Splash) selection of artists was like a melting pot of hip-hop culture and it left memorable moments. Check out some of my favorite performances below.

Bless Love from “92forever” started the night off with a lyrical performance with his song “Thank You Exes” from his latest EP “Thank You Ain’t Enough”.

Drums, Melodies and Lyrics
Artist Taylor Keith set the mood with a soulful performance. His performance left me speechless and every flowed smoothly into the next song. I felt as though Taylor Keith had the best set of the night.

None but Trappas!
The collective “NBT” came through with an abundant amount of energy. These guys literally brought the trap to The Camel with their catchy rhymes and hooks. The highlight moment of NBT’s performance was when the three were preparing to perform and the crowd was already rapping their lyrics. I never heard of NBT but I would say I am definitely a fan now.

Rizzy Rackz brought his own unique sound to The Camel stage with a mixture of trap and gutta music. The Richmond rapper performed his single “East End Party” that had the crowd rocking. I feel like Rizzy was the one artist that actually built his own energy with the crowd. What I mean by that is Rizzy was able to take the crowd from a 5 to a 20 in a matter of minutes.

Leo Randall toned down the night as he set his audience down to deliver a meaningful message. He started his performance off with melodies – for all the people “Who love themselves”.
After signing ballots for the crowd he turned his attention to a serious note with a lyrical piece titled “Stick Up”. Leo told a story though rap of what he has witnessed in his surroundings. Leo had the most conscious performance of the night.

Overall it was an amazing show to end off the year. Jay Splash did an excellent job choosing his performers. Make sure you check these artists out!

Richmond is known for it diverse indie concerts. I’ve been to many local showcase in the Richmond area this year and I would say Jay Splash We Got Next was probably the best one.The concert was put together so well and it wasn’t one delay in set.


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