DMV Spotlight: Meet Kayce The Trainer!

Meet Kayce Through Her Own Words

My name is Kayce (or you can call me Kace or Kacesters). I’m a personal trainer located in the DMV and the owner/founder of “Kayce Kinetics.” I’m not your average personal trainer. I’m known for building booties, “Cakes by Kace,” and I’ve been through the struggles of being both overweight and also even getting too small.
I hope my journey can be an inspiration to a lot of people struggling with their weight, want guidance, on simply just want tips. I have been overweight the majority of my life. I grew up very insecure. I always knew people were talking about my weight or talking bad about me due to my weight. When I was high school, I learned that my insecurities were something that can be easily changed. The summer after my freshman year of high school, I began my weight loss journey. I lost so much weight on my own by changing my eating habits and working out. Years soon went by and I went to college. My freshman year of college I gained 30 to 40 pounds. There were several factors in my weight gain (alcohol, eating late, nasty fattening food options, and much more).
My sophomore year of college one day I stepped on the scale and I was dissatisfied. I could not believe I was that big. I knew in that moment ,I needed to continue my weight loss journey. I worked out so much and once again changed my eating habits. I actually got too skinny. At the time, I thought I looked amazing but after a while the more I looked at pictures; I thought I looked sick and even lost a lot of my assets. I realized, I wanted to focus on getting slim thick (who wouldn’t want to be slim thick) And that’s how “Cakes by Kace” came into full effect. I am in the best shape I’ve better in. Focusing on fitness truly changed my life. I am happier, confident with myself, and body. I look good, and my insecurities have disappeared. I personally lost all my weight with very little help.
I taught myself all about weight loss, workouts, and health. I did have a lot of motivation through the process from my friends and significant other and honestly the only thing I needed was motivation. I was and am so determined to get my body exactly where I want it. I hope to influence and help everyone else who wants to get their bodies right. I know it is not an easy journey but it is definitely worth it. Now my path is so clear that I’m supposed to help others reach their fitness goals, and reach their full potential.
Currently, I’m training and running my business full time now. I offer online challenges monthly to expand to people outside the DMV and keeping people motivated. If you want more information about training and challenges, you can find them on the “gift fitness” app in the App Store. My current line of fitness apparel features Kayce Kinetic Floral workout sliders and fanny packs that are perfect to wear inside and outside the gym. Also, my waist trainers “Waist by Kayce” will officially be dropping this month. Look out for more merchandise to be releasing very soon! Be on the look for me!

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