Dont Stop the Movement!: Simple ways to donate & protest online

I’ve posted? What’s next?

This is the question most people ask themselves after seeing countless videos of the protest, murders, stories from victims, GoFundMe pages, petition, and so much more that has been created to stand up to justice. It’s the small things that make significant changes, and here are a few ways to keep this movement alive and continuing.


Petitioning is the effective move way to have individual voices heard on cases of police brutality from the latest of George Floyd to re-opening Sandra Bland’s case to justice for Breonna Taylor. Keep sharing these petitions on social media to keep these names alive and voices for the people. Donate a small amount to those petitions to maintain their appearance on websites relevant. It takes less than 30 seconds and only needs a name and email address. There are now links with templates that send an email specific department officials in power to voice a call to action within the movement.


No amount of money can bring back life, but with such a devasting loss, a financial burden is bound to happen on the deceased families. The smallest donation to offer is 5 dollars with these links. These are also direct pages to relatives and created by families concerning the victims.



It is imperative to support your own. It is essential to put money back into your own community of entrepreneurs and business owners. A simple retweet, donation, review on YouTube, or ad on Instagram. ANYTHING that gives recognition and a potential following to a new brand is more than enough to help these companies.

Dmv black businesses to support:



Online black businesses:

Black Owned accessory boutiques:

Black-owned makeup, skincare brands:

Black-owned lash brands:

Black-owned luxury designers in fashion:

Black-owned  thread for spirituality shops, botanicas, spiritual supplies, herbs, oils, etc..

Black-owned businesses worldwide:


Some people want to help but are just scared, feel defenseless, or are in another state or country where this individual cannot be present to fight the good cause. There are a few credible YouTubers that have created videos that not only showcases black artists, but the revenue made from that video is donated to Black Lives Matter. Here are some links where all that must be done is letting the video play for its entirety, and the ads streamed on that video creates the revenue. DO NOT SKIP AN AD OR KEEP VIDEO ON MUTE. SIMPLY LET THE VIDEO PLAY



Black history runs more profoundly than the surface level of George Floyd. The oppression has been for over 500 years from slavery to jim crow laws, to civil rights. There is institutional racism in prisons, schools, housing, and financial freedoms. The list can carry on and date back to the first slaves in America. Our history does not even start with slaves. Never forget our DNA code is higher than the oppression, and we have had historical moments that continue to write the lessons for the education of being black in America. There’s a prophetic number of black authors, poets, and activists. Here is a link to a list of google doc books with content about specific historical moments and figures to educate yourself upon. These stories are just the tip of the iceberg from the elongated history, but it is a start educate yourself about figures other then what is taught in history books.


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