Dreadlocs in the Workplace: Kerion Washington

In March of this year, @Kerion_Washington, 17, was denied a job at Six Flags near his Fort Worth, Texas home.  “They told me I could cut my hair and come back, that it’s just hair and it would grow back,” he said. “But they compared it to having a tattoo. I didn’t want to cut it,” Dallas News.

Kerion Washington shows off modeling pose in Fort Worth home. (Brandon Wade/Special Contributor of Dallas News)

Here we are again with African Americans experiencing discrimination in the work place.  It’s 2019 and this is what we’re dealing with.  WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Are ‘they’ really telling us how we can wear our hair to work? And the answer is, of course ‘they’ are.  It is astonishing that one would even fixate their mouth to tell another individual that they cannot have a job with their company until they cut their hair.  No type of discrimination is acceptable.  What’s funny, is that people like to separate the two: race and hair styles, however we know the truth.


Dreadlocs are historically worn (not originated, as done so by Indian culture) by those with a course texture of hair; a type of hair that will ‘lock’.  If you’re familiar with cosmetology, you can agree that natural locs are almost impossible to accomplish in hair that does not fit this description, unless otherwise using extensions, etc. Dreadlocs usually require thick or textured hair that only a select few groups of people possess.  These groups, 90% of the time, include those who have traces of African American descent.  If a style that can only be worn, in majority of cases, in a specific type of hair that only a certain group of people have, then the restriction is for that group of people, not just the hair; which makes the “cut your dreadlocs for employment” requirement, a RACIST one.


Stop letting ‘them’ conform your minds into having you believe that this is not racist.  ‘Their’ requirement is not for professionalism.  ‘They’ are eliminating a group of people from the work place.  That group of people is: African Americans.


Luckily for this teen, he was offered a modeling opportunity by @IMGLosAngeles, the same agency those like Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham have worked with.  Corrie Caster, head of development for the agency, states that Kerion is exactly what they’ve been looking for .


Kudos to his career, and let’s take yet another note.

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