Drewboy Is Making Big Moves

Drewboy is from Uptown Philly and ready to make his mark in the industry. From a young age, he fell in love with music, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Last July, Drewboy decided to take it to the next level and pursue music as a career. 

Drew and Dre Beats-12Drewboy is unique because not only does he have a versatile flow, he has a hype man, Kiing Dree; you never see one without the other. With both of their high energy in every performance, a crowd could never get bored. 

Close Friends” is Drew’s hit single that has been making Philly go crazy. It started off as a playful freestyle and is now a hot song. The single has caught wind of Philly’s own Meek Mill where he posted a video of Drewboy and Kiing Dree on his Instagram page; which in fact helped the song go viral. Since that moment, it has been uphill for Drewboy. From Rick Ross dancing with him in the radio station, to traveling to promote his single, he definitely has a promising career ahead of him.

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