Entertainment’s Civil Rights Leader, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Speaks on the New Segregation

Today we spoke with International Journalist, Gabrielle Alexandra as she continues to speak on her view on society and tells us what the new mental health is in this world.
DMVDaily: We are really enjoying you. Let’s talk about love later. In recent articles in Nigeria, you are considered an American Civil Rights Leader. 
Gabrielle: This is correct.
DMVDaily: Are you trying to re-start the Civil Rights Movement?
Gabrielle: The Civil Rights Movement II is already one month in. I am not sure who has to grant me or anyone permission. I am an American citizen and my sole duty is to create. This is what my generation does not understand. Always looking for permission. In this version of the Civil Rights Movement, it is not just the black and white issue, which is still a problem.  However, mental health individuals experience segregation.
DMVDaily: How? Can you elaborate, please?
Gabrielle:  Okay, for example, if an individual discloses they have mental health, then people will discontinue communication with them. They would go as far as not drinking from the same water fountain or walk down the same side of the street. This is segregation. See, segregation has never left America, nor other parts of the world. The word was just not used or stopped.”
DMVDaily: You are correct. Not to offend, I have felt the need to not want to stand near an individual who looked like they have mental health disorder. I did not realize I was being discriminated against.
Gabrielle: Your behavior in this situation and anyone else’s is no different than a white person not walking down the street because of my race.  I did not know mental health had a look. I do not blame you, I blame some of society and how you decided to view their opinions about mental health individuals.
DMVDaily: I grew up seeing mental health, but never understood it. The stigma is looking at them as “crazy.” It should not be like this. Everyone has someone in their family coping with mental health. You have a way of re-explaining things and allowing everyone to see them from a different viewpoint.
The reason I asked to explain is that people might not understand. The term “Segregation” has not been used since the assassination of MLK and Malcolm X and others. 
Also, the term “Civil Rights Leader” has not been used since the late 60s. I respect your boldness. We here at DMVDaily support you and will join the Civil Rights Movement II. We want to see change. 
Gabrielle: The way society treats mental health individuals is so deplorable. I have witnessed it and have been treated differently.

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