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Ex-Convicts in The State of Virginia Now Have the Right To Vote

Effective Tuesday, March 16, Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam granted ex-convicts their right to vote. Already, 69,000 former inmates who were convicted of a crime, who is now on probation, now have the right to vote.

It was reported on the Secretary of the Commonwealth Restoration of Rights website, back in January, Gov. Northam spoke with Virginia General Assembly to pass a Constitutional Amendment to restore civil rights. 

In the state of Virginia, anyone convicted of a crime loses their right to; vote, become a notary public, serve on a jury, run for public office, and carry a firearm. Gov. Northam has restored four out of the five civil rights to ex-convicts. Although only the Governor is allowed to restore civil rights, that does not include the right to carry a firearm. They will need to contact their local circuit court for more details. 

For ex-convicts to be eligible to restore their civil rights, they can contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office.   

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