Fashion Trend Of The Week: Lost Effects

Resuming on Fashion Trend Of The Week I would like to introduce another DMV based streetwear brand Lost Effects.  Founded in the fall of 2017, the brands designer/CEO Marzey has used the brand as a motive. As  he mentioned on the retail website,  ” It Came To Me Just Like That. LOST Because I Went Through A Time When I Was Homeless And I Saw The EFFECTS Of My Actions. The Butterfly Represent Me. I Use To Be Homeless After I Moved Back From Atlanta. Sleeping In My Car And Everything. No Job Or Nothing. One Day I Went To My Mom’s To Wash Clothes And I Was A Lil Happy Me And Moms Were Back Talking. I Seen She Was Making Shirts And She Had Started Her Line. I Wanted To Make A Shirt, So She Told Me To Do Me And I Wanted To Do Something To Represent My Life And The Butterfly Was It.” Well known for his representation of the butterfly, the sky has been the limit ever since it’s ascension. As well as having high quality material and having consistent seasonal releases. Although through the depths of COVID, his brands new summer release and previous releases is now available and ready for purchase on his website and for more information on future releases  follow the brand on all social media platforms @losteffects.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Trend Of The Week: Lost Effects

  1. You should discuss the reasons not to purchase from lost effect clothing they steal your money send you a fake tracking number and you never get your stuff. Sad shame

  2. Lost effects: may wanna do a follow up. A great deal of his customers aren’t getting shipments even after waiting as long as a year. He is very unprofessional in how he handles them. Research it. BBB and a page dedicated to exposing him.

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