Fashion Trend Of The Week: Marino Infantry

Today on the other half of Fashion Trend of The Week we have streetwear/skateboard brand Marino Infantry ran by none other than Baltimore, Maryland’s own A$AP Ant/YG Addie. Early last decade, A$AP Ant developed this brand under the former name Marino Goods’  while also being apart of the famous rap entourage A$AP Mob. During that time it was limited edition material being disbursed and can be seen in the 2012 “Peso” music video by A$AP Rocky. Fast forward a couple of years a resurgence of the brand occurred with a name change to the currently known Marino Infantry. The progression of the brand since then has been past barriers also collaborating with other fellow A$AP member A$AP Bari and his brand Vlone, as well as another local streetwear brand Saints to now selling successful as a brand. Another brand I’m excited to see prosper in the near future as well as the rapper/CEO as for he has a full catalog of music on all streaming platforms available. With successful drops, music, pop-up shops, and live shows what do you think is next for the Baltimore native? New drop and or pop-up shop after we reopen? More music? Another live concert? Maybe, until then we could all stay tuned in by following @ygaddie and @marinoinfantry.


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