Fashion Trend of The Week: Zella Fermani

Today on Fashion Trend of The Week, the first brand I would like to introduce is a “brand of excellence and elegance,” DMV’s @zellafermani. Zella Fermani is a proclaimed clothing brand that was founded by @_Rihanye and was developed back in 2018. Fast forward to the spring season of 2019, and she managed to have her brands first and very successful drop. Still, to this day continues to raise her stock by consistently selling out her material and having artist cosigns such as Roddy Rich, YBN Cordae, Big Flock, and more. Although the brand is known for its famous and trending cargo pants, she has taken things a step further and made winter coat apparel back in late 2019/early 2020. As well as for the upcoming spring season, she also recently released a set of highly anticipated shorts, hats, and masks that were previewed on both her personal and business page just days before they sold out upon the release and the restock after. I’m excited to see where the limits are for this brand as it has already reached massive heights during its two-year stint. What do you guys think the next new drop would be? Or are you looking for a restock on some of her sold-out material? For more information on her clothes and releases, follow both @zellafermani and @_Rihanye.


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