During these unprecedented times, most of the world is missing out on the excellent dining experience. There’s something special about having an exquisite dish plated to perfection with a sweet cocktail to wash it all down. With most restaurants providing take-out or delivery services to combat the pandemic, it is difficult to achieve the class and elegance of a high-end meal. Unless you’re Old Ebbitt Grill, of course. Old Ebbitt Grill has mastered the art of providing the fine-dining experience in a to-go box.  Luckily, The Food Page and Taste DMV have come together to give the details!

Old Ebbitt Grill is Washington’s oldest saloon and has often been known as one of the most iconic restaurants in D.C. Its current location is a national landmark and has a myriad of priceless antiques and memorabilia from some of America’s very own presidents (it doesn’t get much classier than that). Despite the woes of COVID-19, Old Ebbitt Grill has managed to keep its presidential energy even when its food is served in a doggy bag. Don’t believe us? Check out how their majestic fried chicken sandwich!

Here’s our review

This fried chicken sandwich was something special.  The crunch of the lettuce and the juiciness of the tomato ensured that every ingredient was cut and made fresh. The fried chicken breast was delightfully crispy and still hot as if they’d just taken it out of the fryer! The bun was slightly toasted, which is always an excellent addition to any sandwich, and paired with their flawless cherry blossom margaritas. It was the perfect combination of comfort food with a splash of class. Many DMV’ers may write off visiting OEG since it is often considered a “touristy” place to eat. A little word of advice: Don’t let a few tourists scare you away from Old Ebbitt Grill’s superb dishes- its really some of the best quality food in Washington D.C.


Old Ebbitt Grill is located at 675 15th Street NW  Washington D.C 20005. OEG is currently open for delivery and picks up seven days a week from 11 am-9 pm.


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