FootsXColes – A Happy Home (Show Review)

“A Happy Home” Was A Wonderful Night Of Soulful Rhythms And Live Music As DMV Group FootsXColes Put On A Great Show

Held in a secret location the show/live recording for FootsXColes forthcoming album “AHappyHome” was a wonderful celebration with dynamic music and impressive grooves as the pairing premiered their latest project.


Held in an unconventional space, the basement of a D.C. home to be exact the venue choice was perfect for the intimatacy of yr performance and the sound traveled well. The basement had a homely feel with comfortable, earth tone furniture lining the sides and rear, a sizeable amount of standing space and an improvised performance space for band members and instrumentalists in the far corner next to the exit. Complimentary smoothies were served upstairs helping to offset the warmth of the room but the temperature didn’t hold back the audience retention or attendance as a stream of family members, musicians, and music lovers came to enjoy the show. Artists in attendance included Alex Vaughn, Reggie Volume, Kassim, April George, and Matt VISTA.
With the doors opening at 7 pm it wouldn’t be another two hours until the album performance began from 7 to 9 it felt like an evening lounge as soft R&B played through the speakers. Beginning at roughly 9 pm the DMV based duo was accompanied by Funky Bob, Rookie and Tim with the band consisting of Foots on the drums, Rookie and Coles on the keys, Bob on lead guitar, and Tim on the trumpet. The band sounded fantastic as they laid down ambient, jazzy, and colorful tunes that were broken up by audio skits taken from the tape. They played the project from start to finish with small breaks in which they expressed their gratitude and appreciation and gave context to some of their songs with brief explanations.
It was a welcome refresher from the wild energy unleashed at Hip-Hop shows where rappers jump, walk and run around the venues standing on stages, couches and speakers. In a stationary position, the band was able to hold the attention of onlookers who stood through their entire set and enjoyed the flow of the music, bopping their heads, and clapping to the grooves. The majority of the songs were soft, creamy and lush but there were moments where the tempo and energy skyrocketed particular during the closing track where Foots went CRAZY on the drums.
A beautiful, closed event that brought together singers, rappers, producers and creatives of all sorts. It was an eventful night filled with love and congratulations as the band delivered spirited and skillful performances with riveting rhythms, encouraging lyrics, and warm grooves.
Event Photos By Shaughn Cooper

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