Former Morgan State University student Calvin E. Tyler was forced to drop out due to lack of finances in 1963. Almost 60 years later, he and his wife Tina have pledged to donate $15 million to the university so that future students will not go through what he went through.

This brings his total donations to the university to $20 million. This was announced as being the largest donation to any historically black college (HBCU) by an alumnus.

Calvin Tyler spoke about the circumstances that led him to dropping out of Morgan State University:

“I had ambitions of getting a degree in business, but I had to pay my own way. I didn’t have a scholarship. My parents couldn’t afford to pay tuition. I was basically paying my own way, working several jobs. I lose track of exactly how many credits I had. I like to assume I was halfway there.”

After Calvin Tyler was forced to drop out of Morgan State, he began working as a UPS driver in Baltimore. He work his way up to working top management positions in the company eventually becoming UPS’s senior vice president and director for U.S. operations. He continued to work with UPS until his retirement in 1998.

Over the years, both Calvin and Tina have donated money to need-based scholarships for prospective college students in Baltimore. This includes a $500,000 donation in 2005 and 2006, a $1 million donation in 2007 and a $3 million donation in 2016.

The contributions of the Tyler’s have allowed 222 Morgan State students to receive scholarships including 46 full scholarships and 176 partial scholarships.

Calvin Tyler spoke about not wanting to influence youth to decide not to go to college based on his story saying this:

“One of the reasons I don’t like to publicize my story is because some young kid might take from that, ‘Boy, I don’t need to go to college.’ That would be the biggest mistake of all. I wish I’d finished. I would encourage young people to get all the education they can.”

Morgan State University President David K. Wilson had this to say about Calvin and Tina Tyler’s dedication to giving back to the University:

“Morgan is so proud to call this son and daughter of the great City of Baltimore our own, and through their historic giving, the doors of higher education will most certainly be kept open for generations of aspiring leaders whose financial shortfalls may have kept them from realizing their academic dreams. For public institutions, like Morgan, our charitable alumni are testaments to the legacy we collectively uphold, and the Tylers’ generosity over the years, culminating with this transformative commitment, is a remarkable example of altruism with great purpose. We are forever indebted to the Tylers.”


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