Gender Insecurities & Age Group Influences Mental Health with Investigative Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

In this sixth edition of the mental health series, we are going to discuss how human insecurity plays a vital role in mental health. There will be examples drawn from different previous interviews and discussions of Investigative Smith’s professional work and also DMVDaily’s experience.
DMVDaily: Insecurity is a big topic. I have never seen it linked with mental health.
Gabrielle: Yes it is. I was helping a woman in entertainment who had a public relations firm with a proposal for her client. One of the things I said about her client was that he grew up with body issues. She said no he did not. He has always been confident. Immediately, I knew this was not sure. Either he has never told her or he is hiding it. Being insecure is human and it is a part of a person’s childhood.
DMVDaily: Right. Everyone is insecure about something. Some adults are not though. It sounds like you were talking about his life as a child. Then, yes this was a lie. All children have insecurities. 
Gabrielle: Exactly. The bigger picture about insecurity is that it is natural, but we do not have to stay insecure forever. We must work through it. It is not healthy to associate with people who are also insecure. This was a problem throughout my life. I truly live by a lot of mantras, one being “You are the company you keep.” Most times the people you talk to represent who you are. So, if you talk to people who struggle with big insecure problems then you are going to feel miserable with yours and not change. I also live by the mantra, “Crabs in a basket” or “Crabs in a barrel.”
DMVDaily: Right. This is true. People try to keep you down when they see you can go up. 
Gabrielle: Many people do not know that. I was inactive with life a year ago. If someone would have told me my life would be how it is today or that I would be talking with you doing this series, I would have thought they were out of their mind.
DMVDaily: Explain more how you were inactive.
Gabrielle: I was not happy with my life. The company I keep was also not happy with their life. So, it would make sense why I was not happy. I was not in entertainment anymore. I was experiencing what I know now was Reserve Culture Shock. I felt out of place in society and that no one understood me. I was immersed in negative energy and around lowkey negative thinking people. Sometimes people can seem positive and actually be negative underneath everything. I have experienced this a lot with people mostly my age. This has never been with someone older than me. Every time I associate with someone my own age, it turns out the same. A lot of times people my age are rushing life. I am not saying stay dependent forever. There is also no reason to rush life. Young people should enjoy their younger years.
DMVDaily: This is also true. This is especially true in relationships. It might differ with careers because depending on who you are around some people become complacent and some are go-getters. 
Gabrielle: But there is a very small amount of go-getters. Very small.
DMVDaily: Right. 
Gabrielle: This is why I do not associate with people in my age group.
DMVDaily: I could understand it also from this perspective.
Gabrielle: This is also okay what I am about to say. I have noticed that people in my age group are insecure and worrisome about life. They think about what they want out of life, which is great. They worry about their next 6 months. They worry about meeting the standards for their age. On the other hand, other people just live life so free. They embody the word “self-liberation.” Young people have not even reached this point in their lives yet. I do not want to be around a group of people who are worrisome. Then, I will become worrisome.
DMVDaily: This is true. So, because of your change from a year ago, who has become your group of people, and what are some changes you have made? 
Gabrielle: I changed the group of people I was around. I make daily life goals. I have goals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, etc. I strive to complete them. I think positive thoughts and dwell in positive spaces. I focus on my present and a little on the future. I always make sure the present. I implement health, fitness, and wellness in my life. The group of people Now, I associate myself with entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, millionaires, people with mansions, entertainment people, and more. Three months ago, it was not like this.
DMVDaily: This is a very healthy way to live life. 
Gabrielle: This is my life with no exaggeration. I feel extremely free.
DMVDaily: I can believe it.
Gabrielle: Saying this to a normal person my age, they would think I am lying or not believe it.
DMVDaily: Gabrielle, it sounds like a dream and entertaining.
Gabrielle: I watch basically no television. I watch only the news and The Chi. This is no television.
DMVDaily: It is not. 
Gabrielle: And I also stopped gossiping about people, which is bad energy. I have conversations that stimulate my mind and allow me to think after the discussion.
DMVDaily: Are you still insecure?
Gabrielle: I just spoke about this Tuesday. I am confident. I am so confident that people are mistaken for cocky, narcissistic, and arrogant. I do not believe I am on these labels. I am just confident. I do have a breakout on my face. There zits or pimples to be honest. Other than this, no I am not insecure. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy.
DMVDaily: This is good. I did not even know you last year. Just hearing your rapid change with yourself and live shows. 
Gabrielle: Changing your surroundings can reshape your life. I make it known that I am emotionally unable for people seeking a nonplatonic connection.
DMVDaily: Why? (Laughs).
Gabrielle: I am a very straightforward person both professionally and non professionally. I would rather someone know this than lead them on. They linger around expecting something. If I tell them once and they linger, then it is on them. I walk down the street and people stop to tell me, “You look happy.” This is without opening my mouth.
DMVDaily: I can tell. Do you think females or males are more insecure?
Gabrielle: Both for different reasons. My answer is only coming from my viewpoint of males and my experience with them. I would believe a male’s insecurity would stem from maybe not having a father, lack of education, lack of childhood resources, body images. As a male, it is not common to restructure your appearance if you do not like it. You just live. On the other hand, females can change or enhance their appearance with clothes, hair extensions, cosmetic make-up, and other aesthetics. My first answer without thinking would be males. Then, actually thinking, it would be females. We struggle with weight, body images, hair length and texture, and etc.
DMVDaily: I did not expect this answer. I can understand why it is both now. You are right about both. Trust me, I do know as a male. We live with what we come out as.  Females get to enhance their features.

Gabrielle: Yes.
DMVDaily: To close out this episode, we must understand that insecurity affects a person’s mental health. If someone does feel insecure, then they should surround themselves with people who are self-confident and live a free lifestyle. Males and females experience insecurities based on their gender roles and age groups which affect their mental health. 

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