Georgia’s long primary election day prompts fear for November elections

Georgia’s primary election day has raised issues of voter suppression.

Between the coronavirus safety precautions, malfunctioning equipment, and national urgency of political participation, lawmakers have set sights to investigate.

Across the many issues, one came down to the newly implemented voting machines with digital touch screens. Overall, the technology seemed to have fallen short with many technical issues.

In a hot day filled with long lines and many delays, this allowed some counties to extend voting hours for residents.

A number of polling locations were additionally closed down due to the coronavirus. Other polls had lines that wrapped around the buildings and even down local sidewalks.

With long lines and even shortages of poll workers, some voters waited for over seven hours.

Many concerns came from Fulton and DeKalb county, the most populated in Atlanta. These areas encompass both parts of the city and some suburbs.

As the long lines developed in Georgia, this also promoted an investigation into the election day process by Georgia’s Secretary of state and state House speaker.

Over 1 million Georgians voted through an absentee ballot before election day, but this still left hundreds of thousands waiting to vote in-person on Tuesday.

Many activist and lawmakers signal this as a concern for Nov. 3 elections.

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