Get To Know Dean Bar Haim, Miami’s Newest Business Tycoon

 Dean Bar Haim also is known as 360Hurricane is an influential businessman/entrepreneur from Isreal. At 26, the Israelite has now burst onto the scene as the premier exotic car and yacht lender in Miami Beach, Florida. He left his family of 16 in Isreal to chase the American dream! When he moved, his family-owned many of the biggest nightclubs in Miami. Haim trusted his ability to build a secure connection with his family’s business to create one of his own. He knew that if he connected with the biggest spenders in the club that he would be able to rent them the exotic cars that would fit their taste level. Dean always told his mother that he would move to Miami and be a success, and that is precisely what he did.

Dean has always been focused on his current dream. In middle school, he wrote in his yearbook that he wanted to sell exotic cars.  When he first moved to Miami, he met a fellow Israelite who had a current car rental business. It did not take Haim long to realize that he had a bigger vision, and he started his own business. From there, he partnered with some of the fanciest hotels in Miami and became the ideal exotic car dealer at the beach. Once he coordinated his strong partnership with his family’s dealerships that had over 300 cars at the time.

Today, Dean Bar Haim has now even opened up a designer jewelry company named SKRT. The company is for people with lower budgets who still want to be “iced out.” The jewelry is gold plated and is based with stainless steel and sterling silver with cubic zirconia that shines. His other brand Hurricane & Co. offers solid gold/diamond jewelry to satisfy their clientele with higher budgets. Dean Bar Haim believes it is crucial to put money behind businesses that he believes in to gain the success he wants. He never settles for less and always shoots to be a better version of himself. Cop some bling here.


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