Getting To Know East Batimore Rapper Neph Da Don

Lately, Baltimore has been killing the rap scene with the rise of a dope artist coming out of the area, one of them being Neph Da Don. Neph Da Don has been making a lot of noise since the release of his recent project “HOOD SCARS”. The 26-year-old rapper has grown up in East Baltimore, making his mark in the music industry.

Here a short background about Neph Da Don, the Baltimore native. has been rapping for two years and always had a passion for music. Growing up, after dealing with a lot of ups and downs due to street life, Neph decided to take his life and career more seriously. He uses music as a gateway to express all of his deepest thoughts and experiences. Through his music, Neph Da Don is about to touch and impact many lives of all of the young guys growing up in poverty. It is very rare that Baltimore artists reach star potential, daring to be different from the rest,  Neph is looking to break the critics’ comments by being one of the biggest stars to come out of the city.  Hood Scars is a project that many people can relate to, especially for those who come from the bottom you are going to feel the pain as if you dealt with it yourself.

Aside from Hood Stars, Neph Da Don released two other projects that gained buzz, but this EP in particular is one of a kind.  Outside of music, many of his supports had been seeing plenty of photographs surfacing the Internet of him working with photographer Tevin Towns. With his taking his brand to the next level,  Neph reaching a bigger platform than any ordinary musician. While speaking with Neph he told us that he doesn’t want to be in a category of a local Baltimore artist therefore he is making all the proper steps to take over the music industry on a global level.

Neph Da Don is an artist with star potential. We are almost certain that labels will be approaching his doorsteps with deals and many offers. Now it’s up for the world to see what “Hood Scars” is all about. Take a listen to the EP down below and let us know what you all think.

Be sure to follow Neph Da Don on Instagram @nephdadon along with photographer @Tevin_Towns.

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